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What is Spirit Healing? Spirit Healing or Spiritual Healing in the Spiritualist tradition is a form of hands on healing and remote healing that utilizes the process of "blending" with "spirit doctors" and healers in the Spirit world to impart healing for self and others.

Over the course of the day we will discuss and practice
What constitutes healing?
Ethics and legalities 
The Healing Circle
Building Power
Healing Guides and Spirit Doctors
Hands on, distant, and absentee healing
Self healing and healing for others
Reasons people don't heal
Levels at which healing works
Emotional healing processes 

Time 12-5pm
Cost $50.00

We will observe safety precautions in spacing students and wearing masks during hands on exercises. 4-8 students will be accepted for this course to comfortably observe safety precautions. 

Location: It's Your Journey
4750 Cleveland Rd E, Huron, OH 44839
Call the shop to register
419 433 0888

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July 9th and 10th

In this 2 Day Intensive, Travis will lead students through practical, no-nonsense steps to developing and refining intuition. This course is intense as the name suggests, and is perfect for beginners as well as intermediate students of the psychic arts who wish to push their capabilities further. Of course the structure may be altered for safety reasons in this time of pandemic in regards to partner exercises, however it will not stop us!
Over the weekend we will cover:

Subtle Anatomy
Seeing and interpreting the aura
Identifying and strengthening our clair-channels
Spirit guide contact and the roles they play 
Mechanics of the psychic anatomy 
Turning off and on
How to perform general, health, and relationship readings as well as intuiting timing and future forecasting. 
Ethics and so much more!

Class will be from 12pm to approx 530 pm Fri and Sat
A break for lunch will be given, you can bring a lunch or food venues can be recommended. Dress comfortably.
To register call the shop 419 433 0888
​Cost: $200.00

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For details see www.itsyourjourney.com