Private Readings

I tend to be very practical. I like dealing with the here and now. My intention as a reader is to bring through whatever the sitter needs to hear for the best and highest good at that particular point in life. My readings are pretty well rounded. I like to look at the major areas: love, money, career, health (I am not a medical professional and cannot diagnose or give medical advice.) I often look at the immediate future, which is flexible, a reading is simply a snapshot in time. I've worked psychically since I was 16, and in 2012 began to embrace my mediumship, or ability to communicate with those who has passed. Sometimes my mediumship is really strong, sometimes it takes more effort. In a session, if nothing were to happen at all, I would simply reschedule, refund or refer to another more suitable reader. 

The source of my information comes from 3 places. You the sitter (the aura), in addition I have spirit guides, you have guides, and I feel they collaborate to dictate the flow, or clarify the information. Thirdly, if we connect with Spirit loved ones, then of course they would be the source of the message. I do not use tools such as tarot cards, or other divinatory tools. I often scribble on a pad to occupy my left brain while "listening."

As a reader I am primarily clairvoyant and clairsentient, meaning I see and feel my information. The first part of a session is primarily me tuning-in, in an open ended way, just letting whatever needs to come through be shared. Then I often shift into allowing the sitter to ask questions. If you are wishing to connect with someone on the other side I like to know that from the beginning of the session. I don't need to know specifics, just that that is where you would like to focus, because I will focus on mediumship first, and then end psychically. Otherwise, out of habit, I will start working psychically, and find it easier to start mediumistically if that is the desire, then shift from psychic first, then to Spirit. 

When it comes to mediumship, I try to work as best I can evidentially, because I feel that is important in the validity of the message and demonstrating that life doesn't end with death. If we start a session mediumistically, I open to whomever I become aware of- if there is a specific person you wish to reach, you can share that with me BUT I cannot guarantee I will be able to connect. I don't control who comes through. I can only ask if a certain loved one is available. You may get them, you may not. You might want Dad, but get uncle Bob instead. However, in that regard I am often successful more so than not. 


*The client is 100% responsible for actions taken based off of information gained during a reading.
*A reading is not intended to replace professional medical or mental health advice or responsibilities. 
*I do not do "emergency" readings. Emergencies are for police, EMS or firefighters, of which I am not.
*My job isn't to tell you what to do or make decisions for you, it is simply to give you insight so you can make informed and empowered decisions for yourself.
*Phone or in-person sessions are meant for one person. A session cannot be booked and then used to invite multiple people for guidance.
*Please keep in mind that I tend to book out at least 2 weeks in advance. I may get you in sooner but immediate sessions are not likely.
*YOUR life is YOUR responsibility. 

*I work one on-one-with clients.

After payment please email to schedule!

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