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Private Readings


At the start of the sitting I explain that I will share any impression that comes through in an "open-ended way," though I will ask you if there is a specific focus or intention for the session. (Life/Psychic or Mediumship) I will usually touch on all major areas of a person's life regardless. At the start of a mediumship session I will work open-ended and simply connect with whomever comes through.

That being said even if you are hoping for "Bob" and get "Betty" instead, I would encourage you to be open to why they show up and what they have to say.

While mediumship is a great comfort, psychic readings are meant for clarity, direction, and confirmation, over comfort. If you're looking for a reader to tell you that the man who cheats on you and ghosted you, is your soul mate, I am probably not the reader for you. I also don't really do past lives, as this is the life you are living and this is the life that is important.

As a reader it is not my job to make decisions for you or tell you what to do, I am simply there to give you information so you can make informed decisions for yourself. This is about empowering you! It is not my job to or my right to diagnose or prescribe, and it is certainly not my right to psychically invade a 3rd party's privacy to tell you what someone else is doing, thinking or feeling. This is about you! All I ask of you as a a sitter, is to be open.

I work in-person out of Huron, Ohio. I do not currently offer zoom readings or phone

I prefer people wait a minimum of 6 months between sessions, unless something massive and major has shifted or changed that you'd like clarity in regard to. If you are seeking mediumship I also prefer you wait at least 6 months since the person's passing. This isn't about Spirit as they can and have come through immediately after passing, this is for your benefit. You need time to grieve and accept the loss. Mediumship is not a cure for grief, it is simply a tool along the way that can help us hurt a little less.

If you have been a repeat client of mine (for readings), know that I value your patronage and am grateful that you have found my services and offerings valuable. However that being said, if I have read for your more than twice or its been less than a year since I've last read for you, please consider trying a different reader. You see, every time I read for you, and become slightly more familiar with you, it becomes harder and harder to be objective and form clear connections.


It's like scribbling on a notepad. Each time you want a clean sheet, but the imprint of multiple pen strokes is left on the page underneath. So be willing to explore, and ask I really need this reading?

I am not currently taking phone appts. Please use this button for in-person sessions only. Check back later for availability. After payment please email to schedule. 15 min option is for psychic only, not mediumship.

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*The client is 100% responsible for actions taken based off of information gained during a reading.
*A reading is not intended to replace professional medical or mental health advice or responsibilities. 
*I do not do "emergency" readings. Emergencies are for police, EMS or firefighters, of which I am not.
*My job isn't to tell you what to do or make decisions for you, it is simply to give you insight so you can make informed and empowered decisions for yourself.
*Phone or in-person sessions are meant for one person. A session cannot be booked and then used to invite multiple people for guidance.
*Please keep in mind that I tend to book out at least 2 weeks in advance. I may get you in sooner but immediate sessions are not likely.
*YOUR life is YOUR responsibility. 

*I work one on-one-with clients.

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