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About me

My Training
Mediumship Training

Apprenticeship with forensic medium, Gale St John 08-10
Spirit-Centered Mediumship Intensive with Sharon Klingler 2009
Words & Wonder in Spirit communication with Sharon Klingler 2014
Advance Public Linking & Mediumship Intensive, Klingler  2014
Akashic Records & The Records in Mediumship, Klingler 2015
Opening to the Afterlife with Lisa Williams 2015
The Compassionate Medium with Jake Samoyedny 2016
Exploring Mediumistic Trance States with Dr Neal Rzepkowski 2016
Clairvoyant Intensive at Camp Chesterfield 2017
Gordon Smith's Intro to Mediumship Online 2017
Martin Twycross Theory of Mediumship Online Courses 16-19
The Definitive Guide to Trance Mediumship and Advanced Trance with Julian Jenkins and Martin Colclough 2020
Spiritual Healing with Stephan Hermann 2021
Moving Forward with Spirit with Christine Morgan 2023

The Confident Medium, The Power of NO and No Fishing with Joe Shiel 2023


Travis is a member of Church of the Living Spirit in Lily Dale, NY, as well as a member of the Indiana Association of Spiritualists, where he will continue his studies and furthered education. 

My Mission

Other Training

Usui Reiki Master, Stein Hospice 2006
Quantum Life Coaching Certification with Sandra Taylor 2013-2014

"My mission is to provide spiritual life guidance and insight to those 

who may benefit from sixth-sensory insight, as well as those looking to move beyond grief

 through evidentiary-mediumship, communication with their Spirit loved-ones. 

With compassion and down-to-earth, practical guidance, it is my intention to help empower 

individuals to overcome obstacles and gain clarity in their lives,

 with a unique perspective from Spirit."


-Travis Sanders

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