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Client Testimonials

I never thanked you for the wonderful reading you gave. It was a pleasure speaking with you. You referred to my relationship as the Titanic with momentum. My POI describes himself as an ironclad ship. You mentioned to check into my dental health, and it has been giving me problems. You made reference to a hallway with doors. I believe myself to be intuitive and want to explore mediumship. I believe my deceased grandmother came through and I was very please. I encourage you to continue being great!! Thanks Again!!  TJ 10-11-19

 I just want to thank you for doing the reading today. It really means so much to me. I wish I could talk to him every day haha but I just want you to know I appreciate what you did. It really helped me get closure after a year of his death. I hope to come back and talk again with him in the near future. March 2018


So Today you said my Dad was holding a police badge. at 6 today I got a call from my brother to pick him up at the police station. Everything worked out, bunch of ex room mate drama. I can't believe how much you were able to share with me today.

Natalie- 12-11-2017



 heard about Travis through a coworker. When I made an appointment for a reading, I had only been dating my boyfriend for a few months; although we had been friends for years. We'll the year before, he was dating another girl & she literally collapsed and died in his arms. She had a lot of medical problems but he blamed himself for not being able to save her. I felt like it stalled our relationship. So although he wasn't a believer, I made an appointment. Travis was amazing! We got to hear from the deceased girlfriend and get some questions answered. Not only did my boyfriend get closure but he is now a believer! 

-Barbie Keiser, Sandusky, Ohio



Recently had reading with Travis. Very amazing, precise and extremely accurate in describing loved one and their personalities. 

You will not find a better medium for a reading or spiritual help. This young man is very caring, gentle and loving with your reading 

and so very helpful with further guidance. I believe he will do the most wonderful and amazing things with this special gift 

- very confident and honest with his work. I will go back many times to Travis. He is truly gifted !! 

 Bev Bigley Feb-2016


Hi Travis! 

Once again I would like to thank you for the wonderful reading you gave me on the 29th! You tune into peoples energy and guides SO well...and shared such constructive and interesting information. You're such a delightful person, as well! Always a treat! :)

Blessings, Peggy 6-2-15


Thank you for the session Friday. It was the most authentic reading I have ever had. I look forward to taking another class with you next year.

Peace, Madelon 12/12/14


I find Travis to be a very insightful and clear person. His reading was helpful for me to understand chakra imbalances, and was nurturing in his advice. During the course of the reading I felt like he was very present and didn't try to overdo my reading with more information than was needed at the time. He also helped identify some of my spirit guides and that has been very validating for me as an artist. He said that the 2nd or 3rd week of September something would happen or pick up with my art. I am going to do an art show, the first one in a few years, and I found out during that week.

Nicole Linde- October 1-2014


Travis, I have been so grateful for your help. Your work feels really clean. By that I mean you don't present your own baggage in the readings. Ive experienced very few talented people and you are right up there with them. You deliver incredible amounts of information in a very short time and like I said, it was clean. You gave me what you saw so I could interpret myself and you gave me what you though it might be which guided me on my own path. In sending family members to you we have experienced your psychic and mediumship abilities-both incredible. All of that is topped with a humble, generous, and loving approach.  I can thank you enough or speak highly enough about you! You are a gift and I am so lucky to have found you.  Ellen 6-13-14


Hello Travis,

I wanted to let you know some great synchronicities that happened after our reading on May 12. On Friday of this week I had some Reiki work done and wouldn't you know it, there was a large portrait of a Native American woman with a feather in her hair in the room!  When asked, the practitioner said she felt compelled to buy the portrait a while ago, and she also felt she needed to put me in that particular room. I have never been in a practitioner's office with Native American art, nor does one often see Native American women with feathers in their hair... mostly it's seen on the men.  Also, as she worked on me, I felt intense heat at the Solar Plexus (which is the area you identified in my chakra system).  I find this all to be very validating of your reading... the Native American woman with a feather in her hair and fire in her hands. Love it! Anyway, I wanted you to know that I think you are a very gifted psychic, and very thoughtful and careful in your delivery, just presenting information without trying to make hard and fast predictions or interpretations.  Of course, the specific synchronistic events make it all the more meaningful, valuable and fun!  Validation all around! Thank you again for a very thoughtful and important reading.

Best, Nancy   5-12-14


Travis recently gave me an email reading that helped guide me tremendously during a very difficult time. I was amazed at the amount of valuable insight he shared for the inexpensive price of the reading. He is truly gifted and pleasant to interact with. I also enjoy the positive and inspirational messages he shares on his Facebook page. Thanks Travis! 

Sharon, NY 9-4-13




I just would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gift that you gave me today. You have no idea what you have done for me and my family. You gave me a sense of peace that no one else could have given me. You are truly gifted. I will be calling soon to set up readings for my daughters. You were so accurate and got my Joe's personality to come through. Once again, thank you. I am glad you chose to nurture what it is you do instead of hide from it. I know that you are grateful for these gifts but I wonder if you know and really understand what you do for people. Thanks once again Travis, may all you set out to do in life be blessed and fruitful.

Tiffiny 4-12-13



Dear Travis,

I would like to thank you for your reading. I have to admit I was blown away with the way you carried the session. I felt very comfortable. You are delicate with words, even when touching very sensitive subjects. It felt great that the session was un-timed so there was no pressure. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have truly, a gift and you are an amazing person. Simply an inspiration!!!

Svetlana Esposito 12-12-12 



I heard Travis speak at the Oberlin Public Library on Oct-11-12. Travis touched on his experiences and what it was like having no control over these events nor completely understanding what was happening. When he was finished with his talk, I knew I wanted to have a reading done by Travis. Several of my friends turned out to be interested as well, so I invited Travis for a psychic party. 


Travis impressed all of my friends. He had no knowledge of any of them since I was his sole contact. Each one had a different story to tell of how he made connections for them that day that only they would have known about. They were not general or something a good guess could nail. In fact one of my friends gave up her spot to one of her friends that none of us knew. My own reading was a bit different- yet he was able to answer questions I have had for years without having to ask. Travis is very approachable, seems to enjoy connecting to spirit and sharing whatever messages they wish to express without always understanding what the message will mean for you. If you are thinking  about calling for a reading, my recommendation is you do it right away. Susan 12-7-12



Hi Travis, it was so nice to meet you on Monday. I just wanted to say that everything you told me had very specific meaning.  I didn't want to take up time explaining specifics. I just wanted to listen. I was excited that some spirits decided to come through.  I spoke to my sister and she explained that the particular area of property you described was where my brother-in-law had his accident.  I think there were  turns in the road and a curve.  Like I stated I had never been to visit that place so I couldn't have known what it looked like but she described it.  I guess we know it was him trying to communicate who he was.  I found it extremely interesting that you said he was "willing to move on."  I believe my sister may be getting married.  The heavy gold watch was worn by my grandfather but also my brother-in-law's grandfather who I was so close to in this life.   My sister has a watch from both of our grandfathers. That could be the tie to my dad.   

I found it very humorous that the comments about vitamins came through a couple times.  I really liked that you chuckled when you brought it up the second time.  Let me tell you that is my mom.  She would ALWAYS  ask us if we took our vitamins. I have been very concerned about my skin and nails lately. And I knew I should get back on my multivitamin but I find it such a nuisance taking horse sized pills. (I take other medicines, too)  So I figured that's mom.  I am going to be doing some meditating and will concentrate on the information you told me. I find it fascinating.  

Thank you again, Sandy 11-5-12



I recently had a reading with Travis, and I have to say he is an exceptional psychic. Having had many readings in the past 25 years, Travis is definitely at the top of the list of psychics I would call if I needed guidance. His reading was multifaceted and included future predictions, as well as guidance of a spiritual nature. He is an old soul and handled my questions with integrity and kindness. He has a sweetness and wisdom about him that made it easy to talk to him. He also took his time to make sure he covered all the areas I wanted to explore during the session. He is amazing. 

Tanya. P, 10-8-2012



Love what you do Travis!!!!  To those of you who may question...let me just say this young man has done readings for me and has been right about everything!!! HE connected with my grandmother for me, and I was blown away by the things that he said, and let me yell you...the comfort that I had after connecting with her was amazing and my life has changed because of it. - Megan Johnston 8-17-12



 just got back from the Mediumship at Harlequins Theatre. Travis was able to connect me with my friend who passed 20 years ago due to an automobile accident. I am so amazed by his gift. -Nanette Peterson 7-27-12



Travis Sanders is an amazing psychic medium. I am honored to know him through the international ATP community and also in his awesome contributions in a mediumship group. Travis has an open, giving heart and has a very honest, comforting way of delivering clear, accurate guidance. I have witnessed Travis be spot on in countless mediumship readings and amaze people with his sharp insight. There is no doubt that Travis has a strong, safe and pure connection to Spirit and I thoroughly recommend that you book him for a personal session. He's amazing and worth every penny!!  - Natalia Kuna, Melbourne, Australia. 5-29-12



Travis, I should have posted something a long time ago sorry its so late! I wanted to thank you for messaging me about the connection you made with my dad! ... it was defiantly nice to hear those things! ... you have a wonderful gift and even better you are so wonderful for wanting to share it to help people see through rough times and situations in their life and i thank you so much for that! ... 

Amanda E. 5-29-12



As many of my friends know, I have recently had the most wonderful experience. I was finally able to meet with an amazing psychic medium, Travis James Sanders, and through his gift I was able to find true closure and peace. I am posting my personal testimonial to Travis and his gift which he was willing to share with me. There are no words that can be spoken to describe the amazing work that you do Travis. As you know, I had previously read up on psychic mediums and thought I knew pretty much how it was going to be. I thought I would get some closure and maybe some answers I had been looking for. Wow, I sure underestimated the impact of it all! I am so amazed at what your gift has given to me. Your whole-hearted dedication to helping others is nothing short of astounding! The way that you brought life back into a soul that I cherish knocked me off my feet. He was my soulmate and my best friend and you brought him back to me ...if even only for a moment in time. As I have told you already, your gift is priceless! I will never forget what you have done for me, for us. You allowed him to release what he needed to and at the same time brought me so much peace, which is what I have been searching for. Thank you so much for helping me, for being such a selfless person and for caring so much about helping others. Sincerely, Heidi Black   3-31-12


Dear Travis, we have not talked in a while. But last time we did talk you told me I would find a new car this spring. Well you were right because I am going to get my 2003 Volkswagen Passat today and am extremely happy.  Brandon W, CT 3-28-12


 Hi my name is Tammy. My husband Randy Rivera passed away Sep 30th 2011. I recently had a reading with Travis...It was good! One of the things he told me that Randy told him to acknowledge was "the song from The Lion King" (we loved that movie) and he was correct- our song was The Lion Sleeps Tonight! After the reading something told me to go through his movies so I did, and what did I find? The Lion King! I couldn't believe it, Travis thank you so much.   3-17-2012


If I could only say one word about my reading with Travis it would be "WOW". Travis has a way of tapping into your world, retrieving information that needs to be conveyed, and delivering it in a way that you can catch it. I would say that while he has many gifts, his ability to communicate and adapt the information he receives to the recipient in a way that they hear or feel it is quite profound. I found the information communicated to be incredibly accurate and he didn't skip a beat in his delivery. The pace is fast and deliberate with open and honest intentions. Travis is the "real deal"     3-7-12 Elieen Strange, MD 


I scheduled an appointment for a reading with Travis, after suffering a devastating break up with who i really believed to be my soul mate. The reading began with Travis being silent and picking up on what he could. The first issue we addressed was contacting my late grandfather, who passed away 13 years ago. My grandpa was my guide in life, and Travis assured me that he still guides me in the afterlife. He gave me the image of an old recliner and a TV with static and how my grandfather would hit it to make it clearer (which is exactly what my grandfather would do, and he described the recliner perfectly), an this is kind of how my grandfather helps put things into perspective for me. Even now. Knowing that my grandfather, who was my best friend, is still watching out for me and guiding me, gave me so much more hope. Travis also added that my other grandfather, who I did not know in life, does know about me because I put that call out there to him. Knowing that I now have two grandfathers (when I only knew one) makes things that much better. 


Travis was able to pick up on the fact that I have always had issues feeling empowered, and boy was he right. I have been like this since I was a child. I always felt somewhat independent but never empowered. Travis told me that in April my life would begin to change, I would meet more people who are more like me in a grow petting such as a class or retreat etc. I am totally looking forward to this experience. He also picked up on the spiritual conflicts I have been having and told me that the more I focused the more clear things would become for me regarding this issue. 


We addressed the break up. As soon as Travis told me he did not see this person in my present or future, I felt those are the word I needed to hear to be able to move on with my life. He did say the next three months would be a little difficult as I pulled myself out of the hole I am in, but since the reading, I have found myself digging out of that hole a little every day.  He even told me that in July I would meet someone who would play a significant role in my life. This person would actually understand me, where as that person I thought was my soul mate, did not. He explained why the relationship never worked. As much as I really thought that I would be emotional, it was actually uplifting to hear the words that Travis spoke because they were so true, and he pit things into perspective for me. Just as my grandfather would. 


There were many other subjects and topics that we addressed, and I hold them to be true as well, such as predicting vehicle trouble. The vehicle problems had started the day before I had my reading, There is no way he could have known. Travis is the real deal. His rate is VERY fair, and his readings are untimed, which is best for all. He will address anything and everything with you. If he picks up on something you are not even asking about he will tell you.. He did this for me on many different issues. Because of Travis I am becoming an independent and empowered woman, more and more everyday. I have to say, the day of the reading, was the first day of the rest of my life. Thank you Travis, for all that you have done for me and what you do for everyone else. You truly are the a gift from above. I will be speaking with you again in the near future, and I will keep you up to date on everything that is going on. God Bless               Audrey, Arkansas 12/12/11




Mediumship Testimonial: You hit everything dead on. OMG! Thank you so much, this helped me a lot.  Jessica Hicks 11/5/11



When Travis did a reading for me I was blown away with how accurate he was. He said that he was picking up on a shift concerning shedding of long held spiritual beliefs. I knew he mean that I had let go of a lot of the sadness I had clung onto with my late son and late husband. Travis also said that it was time to release belongings that were cluttering up my home. Exactly at this time I had started sorting out old bags and bags of clothing that belonged to my late hubby Ron. He also felt that November was the month pertaining to this shift. I am booked to go on a cruise in November. Even though I booked this cruise 13 months before, I have always felt that I am meant to be on this cruise by Hook or by Crook. Travis is amazing I would certainly recommend him to do a reading.  Love Charmaine Blundlell xxx 11/4/11



I believe that several things you saw in your reading are in the works. For example, my retirement not really being an retirement. In fact my retirement has been busy, as you stated. Not only because I am dealing with health issues and run of the mill financial stuff but because I am developing a business, self employment, as you had stated that may turn into something lucrative. In fact I have been very interested in photography and music, a very flexible field (you had seen that in your reading). When the time comes i hope to take formal certificate programs in both areas which you had also stated in your reading. Overall I believe you hit the major points with accuracy and as life is a dynamic situation, so goes the development of ones future. So anyone receiving a reading should be aware they are always in control of their destiny. Thanks so Much!           Geoff Ames 11-3-11


So I just have to tell you that the "read" you gave me a few months ago...came true!!! My moms wedding rings was found the day of the wedding. I never doubted your ability, I was just surprised at the timing,   - Jennifer K, Ohio Aug 29, 2011



I first met Travis when he did a reading for me in March of 2010. I kept wondering how this beautiful young man had managed to read fifteen years worth of journals in less that 15 minutes! Over the past year he has helped me through some tough times without judging me -- and thats a real plus for some one who consistently (and often cruelly) judges herself. Having him in my life, although he is almost a continent away, has been a glorious gift from God/The Universe/Spirit/The Creator/ All of the Above. If you're struggling with something that "conventional" treatments have not helped, contact Travis. I am very grateful I did.    Jeanne in Ohio 4/2/11


Travis, My friend and I stopped at the KofC hall today (8/22) on a whim, and it was truly an amazing experience. I wanted to thank you for my reading today and let you know that i have spent a great deal of time tonight thinking about what you relayed to me. I feel as if today was the beginning of something and i wanted to express my gratitude for your gift. I was affecting in a way i wasn't really prepared for. I hope to keep in contact and I wish you all the best in your endeavors. - Lavonne 


Thank you so much for the reading. I appreciate the time, effort and heart you put int it. You have given me a better sense of peace and clarity, and provided me with some excellent insight. I feel like I can finally begin to heal and I am grateful for you helping to get me there. One session with you did more for me than 6 months in therapy! Many thanks!!      Lizzy, CA



I don't think that I ever told you thank you for the reading you gave me Saturday. I was trying to digest all of the info that you gave me and I don't think I was functioning properly. I really do appreciate it and I think that's all that i was thinking of the rest of the weekend. You know, I think you were the sign I was asking for, for awhile now. Things were just stating to become a little overwhelming and I was getting to the point where, not that I would ever give up, just loose all kind of hope as to what I'm doing, where I am going, what I should be doing. I kept praying for a sign that would give me some kind of hope that things would get better. Thanks to you, I think that things seem to be looking a lot better. You've recharged my batteries so to speak. I kind of wake up now thinking not how I am going to get through another day but, I wonder what new things are going to happen today.    Deb, OH



I had a reading with Travis Sanders on Feb 9-09. He was a very, extremely sweet and being very caring of what I had to ask and what I wanted to know. He was able to pick up on things my son is struggling with in simple things like school work. He also picked up on a pregnancy that was lost. He could describe what type of person I am and how I live my life.  His reading was very helpful and he was very accurate in what he said. I would recommend Mr Sanders for a reading!     Claudia, FL

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