July 26th
Cost: $35.00

Join Psychic Mediums Melinda Carver and Travis James Sanders for a wonderful night of Messages from the Other Side.
Melinda and Travis will provide messages to attendees from their loved ones, pets, spirit guides and angels.
This will be an evening filled with love, laughter and spirit connection.


Melinda Carver is the Official Psychic of the Tarot Guild and hosts Positive Perspectives Radio.
She has appeared on TV, radio, expos, conferences and corporate events. Her articles have been published in several magazines.
Melinda is featured in 13 titles of the Holistic Highway to Wisdom DVD Series
and is featured in 2 books. Her website is http://www.psychicmelinda.webs.com/

Travis James Sanders starred on A&Es Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal and is the author of I Am Psychic So Are You!.
He has appeared on TV, radio, & expos.
His articles have been published in several magazines.
Travis has been interviewed by numerous entertainment and news shows.
His website is http://www.psychictravissanders.com/

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August 1st 7-10pm
Managing Your Mediumistic Growth
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                                                                                      See itsyourjourney.com for more info! 

                                                                       OCTOBER 26th Special Event in Cleveland!
                                                                         Details to come!! 

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