Private Readings

What is to be expected from a private session?- In my Psychic Readings, I like to focus on the soul. Many readers like to focus on the "outside" in their sessions: love, money, health. And, while those aspects are certainly a part of the information that comes through in the sessions I conduct, my main focus is on what the person needs to hear for their own spiritual growth- Whether past, present, or future...Are you on the right track? What changes or adjustments can be made to reach the optimal growth, in peace and with the least amount of un-needed resistance? 

My sensitivity to those who have passed has been becoming much more acute, as a result I have been getting a lot of request for strictly mediumship sessions lately. Spirit has been pushing me in this direction- and I must say, I thoroughly enjoy talking to the “dead”- Who aren’t really dead at all, they’re just different.  

While often times your deceased loved ones will come through in your psychic reading, I cannot guarantee a connection, and I cant guarantee that who is going to come through for you is who you're wanting or expecting to hear from. So remember, don't shoot the messenger... 

Any psychic advice is not intended to replace professional and/or medical advice or guidance. All readings must be prepaid the date the reading is booked via PayPal, or by credit card unless other arrangements are made and agreed upon with Travis. Cancellations that give less than a 24 hr. notice will not be refunded.
As of January 1, 2019 Pricing will be as follows
15 min (psychic only) $40.00
30 min Psychic or Mediumship $80.00
45 min Psychic or Mediumship $120.00
No Hour-Long Readings will be offered

For your benefit, I recommend recording the reading or taking notes, as well as writing down any questions you have ahead of time, so they are not forgotten when the session is in progress. I feel it is important to remind you that no psychic or medium is ever 100% accurate as we are simply messengers, or instruments, intuiting and interpreting impressions from Spirit. We may misinterpret what we "see", "hear" or "feel." Like everyone, I can have an "off" day. In which case, I would simply state that, and reschedule the reading.

*The client is 100% responsible for all actions taken based on their interpretation of the insights and information presented in the reading.

Please keep in mind that I tend to book out at least 2 weeks in advance. I may get you in sooner but immediate sessions are not likely. 
I work one on-one-with clients. Phone or in person sessions are meant for one person. A session cannot be booked and then used to invite multiple people for guidance.
To book a session and make payment, use the PayPal button below, then 
Email: travissanders89@gmail after you have purchased your reading to schedule an agreed upon time for our call. In your email please specify if you are looking for phone sessions or in-person (Huron, OH).

Appointment Length