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Metaphysical Supplies & Services 

"A Spiritual Center of light"

"A place your soul can call home." 

"Worlds largest center for the religion of Spiritualism"

Healing center
services and Classes
Independence, OH

Rose is a certified medium and ordained Spiritualist Minister, and has served Spirit since the age of 19. She is the author of 3 best-selling books on mediumship and metaphysical subjects. 

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My life work is to provide clear messages from spirits that have passed or spirit guides that can give spiritual guidance impacting your life for a new beginning. Through this process I will send each one of my clients positive energy from the Heavens above to inspire, and motivate change in their life for the better! Remember, I'm just the messenger- the "straw to the other realm" you are the evolution in your own life. Now together lets make the change! 

Aaron the Medium is one of the youngest Clairvoyant Mediums who resides in Washington, Tyne and Wear 
And has given astounding evidence of the survival of the human to thousands of people across the world.
Aaron uses light and laughter with his work, he is open, honest and doesn't hold back, everything he experiences
And senses from the Spirit World, he tells you. 

Rev Elizabeth Brown

Rev. Elizabeth Brown was ordained at camp chesterfield, IN which is a Spiritualist camp over 125 years old. She has pursued her mediumship studies there and has spoken at many Spiritualist churches in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan. She was named 2009 Spiritualist of the Year by the Michigan State Spiritualist Association of Churches.

Zenobia Simmons

Zenobia Simmons is a psychic medium  who is as accurate and to the point as
 she is bubbly! She has most notably appeared on the Lifetime reality show,
America's Psychic Challenge.  Zenobia's Style is caring and compassionate and talking to her is like talking to your best friend! 

Contact: 646-410-7865

Joanna is a certified grief recovery specialist with the Grief Recovery Institute, and an ordained minister & certified medium through the National Spiritualist Association of Churches, a well as a Reiki Master. Joanna is the author of several books on mediumship and intuition.