Guided Soul Retrieval 


Each session is approx. an hour in length but may vary depending on what is found. 


What is Soul Retrieval? Soul Retrieval is a shamanic-based approach to remedy the condition of "soul fragmentation." Soul Loss or Fragmentation"  is an extreme/spiritual disassociation, that often occurs when one experiences trauma. In this trauma a part of the soul/consciousness/spirit detaches from the "self" (disassociation is a natural coping mechanism) and the soul fragment doesn't return without assistance. There are many mental, emotional and physical issues that may be a result of soul loss or soul fragmentation; That being said soul retrieval work is not meant to replace or substitute mental or physical health care and treatment- As Travis is not  a medical practitioner, or mental health counselor. During your session, Travis will guide you (similar to guided meditation or regression) to locating your soul fragments and returning them to the present "self." Potential indicators of Soul Loss may include but are not limited to:

Memory Loss
Confusion & cloudiness
Chronically scattered 
PSTD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) like symptoms 
Addictive behaviors
"I haven't felt like myself/I haven't felt the same sinceā€¦."
Psychic Numbing
Loneliness, feeling disconnected, or scattered 
Consciously or subconsciously pushing people away 
Unable to move beyond past issues/relationships, or trauma

  Guided Soul Retrievals can be done in person or via phone/Skype. To purchase, please FIRST confirm
 appointment time and date with Travis via email, then Travis will Paypal invoice you for payment. 

                                Spiritual Coaching & Clairvoyant Mentoring


                                                                                              See video below! 

In these one-on-one coaching sessions, Travis will work with you wherever you are at in your spiritual development to
 help you improve your well-being and to deepen your intuition and connection with Spirit. We will focus on the
 areas of development you wish to focus on. The advantages to one-on-one coaching are that the
 time can be utilized in a way that is tailored to your development level specifically.
 These sessions may be done in person or via phone.

Sessions may possibly include
Guided Meditation
Development Instruction
Real Time Practices 
Techniques & troubleshooting

$75 per hour coaching session or $350 for 5 sessions
Sessions can be done in-person or via phone/Skype!

Coaching Testimonial: "Sometimes the perfect opportunity drops in your lap at just the right moment. This is what happened to me when I jumped at the opportunity for psychic development coaching with Travis. I had known for a while that I was being called to deepen my psychic skills but I didnt know how to do it alone. What Travis offered me was personal one-on-one psychic development in exactly the areas I needed help. Through our weekly one hour phone sessions my ability to connect with my own intuitive abilities progressed rapidly, and I now use all the information we covered in our weekly lessons on a daily basis, both in my personal life and in my energy healing and teaching work. This opportunity to have personalized psychic development guidance has moved my personal and professional journey in a beautiful direction." 
-Ruth Lera

I was lucky enough to sign up for the 5 coaching/mentoring sessions with Travis. These were conducted over the phone. Travis was flexible and worked with my schedule over the several weeks. Travis is a caring intuitive consultant and good teacher. Our sessions included of his gifts, skills and talents. My coaching/mentoring sessions with Travis gave me tools and insight to deepen my intuition and connection to Spirit and I got to know Travis a little more in the process. I recommend anyone interested in more or deeper work with Travis to consider the 5 mentoring/coaching sessions. Thank you, Travis!
-Renee K. Sheffield, Ohio