"My mission is to provide spiritual life guidance and insight to those 
who may benefit from sixth-sensory insight, as well as those looking to move beyond grief
 through evidentiary mediumship, communication with their Spirit loved-ones. 
With compassion and down-to-earth, practical guidance, it is my intention to help empower 
individuals to overcome obstacles and gain clarity in their lives,
 with a unique perspective from Spirit."

-Travis Sanders

 Education & Qualifications 

                                                         In addition to over 10 years of work in the field, Travis' qualifications include: 

                                                                                       *Usui Reiki Master through Hospice 2006 
                                                                 *Apprenticeship in Forensic Mediumship with Gale St. John 2008-2010 
                                                                           *Spirit Centered Mediumship with Sharon Klingler 2009 
                                                                      *Quantum Life Coaching Certification with Sandra Taylor 2013-14 
                                                                         *Words and Wonder in Spirit Communication, Klingler 2014 
                                                                    *Advanced Public Linking & Mediumship Intensive, Klingler 2014 
                                                                                            *Accessing the Akashic Records 
                                                                                  & Akashic Records in Mediumship, Klingler 2015 
                                                                                 *Opening to the Afterlife with Lisa Williams 2015 
                                                                           *The Compassionate Medium with Jake Samoyedny 2016 
                                                               * Exploring Mediumistic Trance States with Dr. Neal Rzepkowski 2016 
                                                                                 *Clairvoyant Intensive, Camp Chesterfield 2017
                                                                  *Gordon Smith's Introduction to Mediumship Online Course 2017

                                                                   Travis is a member of Church of the Living Spirit in Lily Dale, NY 
                                                                       as well as a member of the Indiana Association of Spiritualists
                                                                         where he will continue his studies and furthered education.