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Travis James Sanders' unique story began at an early age, but took a major turn at the age of 16, when a psychic reading changed the course of his life forever. At 27, Travis is a young but accomplished Psychic Medium, who has appeared on national television regarding his work with Spirit. Travis has been featured on both A&E's Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal, as well as Entertainment Tonight's, The Insider, and could be seen on Nancy Grace as well as numerous news stations. He has appeared on a variety of radio programs includingCBS Radio. He is a certified Reiki Teacher, Quantum Life Coach ,and has also received para-professional training in the psychic arts and past life therapy and is certified by Doreen Virtue Phd, as well as has undergone training with Lily Dale medium and author, Sharon Klingler. What does all of this mean? Everything, and Nothing. Travis is just a soul, on a journey, with a passion....Just like you.

In addition to 10 years of work in the field, Travis' qualifications include: *Usui Reiki Master through Hospice 2007 *Angel Therapy Practitioner Certification, Virtue 2008 *Apprenticeship in Forensic Mediumship with Gale St John 2008-10 *Spirit Centered Mediumship with Sharon Klingler 2009 *Quantum Life Coaching Certification with Sandra Taylor 2013 *Words and Wonder in Spirit Communication, Klingler2014 *Past Life Healer Certification Course, Virtue 2014 *Advanced Public Linking & Mediumship Intensive, Klingler 2014 *Accessing the Akashic Records & Akashic Records in Mediumship 2015 *Opening to the Afterlife with Lisa Williams 2015